German Shepherd puppies for sale

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Possible breeding dates ( month) for  2017/early 2018
pups would go home about 4 months later

Finn x Thomys (Sept)
Hope x Thomys (Oct)
Annye x Roc (Oct) 
Ella x Geoff (Nov)
Indy x Dragos  (Dec/Jan)
Ink x ?   (Dec x Jan)
Heidi x Jack x Bilboa (Jan)
Margosha x Bilboa  (Feb)
Orie x Geoff  (Feb)
Sam x Jaeger (Mar)
Lucy x Geoff/Inook

Upcoming Litters
Thomys v Majic Forest x Brita vom Majic Forest  "Maggie" full sister to Mollie)
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Fira Zeeva vom Majic Forest x Jaegermeister von Calvo
Geoff v Majic Forest x Allie vom Majic Forest