long coated ferman shepherd puppies

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Roc v Huerta Hof aka Kalidor is half East German Working lines and half West German Working line. His structure is very correct with an excellent topline and croup. His full sister, Rogue v Huerta Hof (aka Tesla) was SG1 recently at the USA Sieger Show. As his owner, I selected him for his smaller size than the West German Showlline dogs that I have had for many years and for his dedicated work ethic. Kalidor has insatiable retrieve drive, but has an “off switch” in the house. He doesn’t pester me to play with him 24/7. And he will work incredible hard to get a chance to retrieve.  

Roc v Huerta Hof
Roc von Huetra Hof  owned by Fran Jewell    
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