"Cambridge" in Utah

"Vickie, thanks again for everything ! Honestly we could not be happier with our little girl! She is learning to "come" so quick and we think she is just perfect! Everything we wnated and more! Thanks again!"  Cody Allard

28 June 2010 - "We took Cambridge on her first camping trip and she loved it!  There were open range cows,  so I figured we might as well see what she would do withthem,  she is a herding machine !  A few barks and she was moving them about 10 up the mountain!   It was awesome to watch!  The next day they moved their way into camp during the night and she did it all over again!  When I called for her she spun and came right back to my feet!  the people we were with were amazed.  They could not believe how great she was at not even 8 months!  I am a proud papa! Thanks Vickie"  - Cody Allard   

Long Coat German Shepherd

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"I can tell you with all certainty that you can not go wrong purchasing a puppy from Vickie Garrick.  she vaccinates, does all the screening methods on her pets and does not cut corners. If you have any genetic issues with your dog she stands behind them 100%  I love working with her pets and if she decides to sell you one of her pups you will be very happy."  Dr Paul Edmonds, DVM Sandy Animal Clinic.
C"Scout " and her dad  in Southern Utah
C"Reelo" and her family in Missouri
       Logan v MajicForest with his Dad in                                 Nevada

"Logan is always playful, and very well mannered with people. Very laid back too.  He is the most gentle and accommodating shepherd we have ever owned.

Also the laziest,  I never thought we would have a shepherd that would be a porch pooch,  but we do.  We love him very much.  I would like to thank you again for your great work with him.  He is a pleasure to enjoy and seems very happy and stable.  We would not know what to do without him."  Vince
CTilly v MajicForest with her Mom Tiffany in Utah
Augustus v MajicForest with his Dad in Tennessee
Larus v MajicForest with his Mom in Utah
CJacy v Majic Forest "Addie" with her family in New                               York statek here to add text.
Vickie holding "Calvin" an import male
Njeszka v MajicForest  with her Dad in Chicago Ill.
Nikoda v MajicForest with his Brother West Jordan Utah

"Koda was a real sport and went on a long 6 mile hike and made friends everywhere he went.  Koda got to lick a fresh caught trout, forge his way through rocky trails, cross little creeks and woody areas, hitch a short ride in Jake's pack and just had a blast as a curious litle pup.  We had compliments everywhere we went.  He was well mannered and did well sleeping through the night after each adventurous day.  Koda fits right into our love of the outdoors and campinng."
Liessel v MajicForest and her family in Utah
          Vickie holding a Myka pup
Garrick v MajicForest "Simba" in Utah