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Long Coat German Shepherd Breeders

So the story angie and my kid (4) broke out of the back yard and tried to get to the park. They are ok. I was impressed with angie she stayed right with her little boy.

I was dropping of my carpool and saw two cop cars parked in the road. Some stranger was standing amongst them pointing at me while holding my boy. Angie is a superior dog. Not that she wont continue to amaze me, but she has already earned her keep. Thank you so much for letting her into our life.

Angie and her young master in Idaho
home of the fuzzy puppy....
Tilly with her 'Dad' in Utah they also have "Jag"
Tobbi  and Taz with their 'Dad" in Utah
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Tejah  "Cambridge" with her parents in Utah
 Tango  "Kane" with his 'Dad' in Utah

 Toska with her 'Dad' in Utah
Tilde with her 'Mom' it Utah
Tara Lee with her 'Dad' from Arizona
Tamar with her parents in Utah
"George" with his new big brother
​Augustus   "Ace" with his 'Dad' in Tennesse
Alex  "George" with his parents in Utah
Anna with her 'Brother" and "Dad" in Arizona
Axel in Utah they also have Molly
Abbie with her 'Mom' in Utah - this is their 3rd dog from MajicForest
Allie  staying with us in Utah
Anhka with her family in Utah - they also have Baron
Andie with her family from Wyoming 

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