German Shepherd puppies for sale

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Majic Forest German Shepherds/Vickie Garrick reserves the right to refuse sales/service to any individual/entity

pups would go home at 8 weeks of age

Fall/ Winter 2021/22

Myah x Sammi  (PA)

Danigal x Olaf  (IL)

Orie x Geoff

Ella x Geoff

Ragge x Jack

Taboo x Sammi  (black)  PA

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Upcoming litters

Tatiana x Geoff  born   July 13
​8 puppies

see current litter page

Subject to conception

Haven x Geoff  Oct  - confirmed

Poppye x Geoff  Oct

Mollie x Geoff  Oct

Maggie x Thomys  Oct

Eddie x Luka  Oct   confirmed