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                     Oct 22 2021            Current Litters

                                                       number of available pups and gender per litter

                    Oct 12 2021             Current litters

                                                      Haven x Geoff  born 30 Sept

                                                      Poppye x Geoff  born 11 Oct

                                                      Mollie x Geoff  born 10 Oct

                      Oct 12 2021         Upcoming litters  

                                                    these females have been bred,  if pregnant due in Oct.                                                     and Dec .   updated with pregnancy confirmed and due                                                     date when avalable

                                                        Maggie x Thomys    due Oct 19

                                                        Eddie x Luka             due Oct 15

                                                        Fiona x Urua            due Dec

short coat and long coat puppies at play
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